HR | A burned out opera
Premiere: may 2011

HR a burned out opera is a music theatre performance about people who are trying to pick up their lives' debris and move on. A burned out electronical ioera with to performing opera singers, an eerie exciting soundscape and a surprisingly moving text. 

HR a burned out opera is an accessible portrait of contemporary people in their midlife crisis. Carefully they build up a life in which their identity depends on work. Day after day they, charge themselves to go to work. But all of a sudden they strand in the stories they told themselves for so long: hitch, and the house of cards collapses. A burn out is an enormous existential reality check, a typical contemporary drama. 

HR a burned out opera is part of the 'Kakafonie' series. In this series, we investigate how different generations nowadays deal with technique.

Audience reactions and reviews
NRC Handelsblad: “In this performance, contemporary opera blends in with corporate jargon in a fresh theatre experiment. An interesting jewel.”

Singing and performance Daniela Benoulli, Wim van den Driessche
Dramaturgy Lieke van Hoogenhuyze
Scenography Davy van Gerven
Sound design Geert Oddens
Staging Gable Roelofsen
Artistic advice Romy Roelofsen
In collaboration with Theater aan het Vrijthof and Intro in Situ
With the help of Gemeente Maastricht