Contested Waters
Performers Gable Roelofsen & Philippine Hoegen
Pianist Dorine Diemer
Music John Adams
Director Romy Roelofsen
Concept Het Geluid, Bureau Europa, Philippine Hoegen
Photo credits Daniel Mulder

A heterotopical experience for the inhomogeneous.
On the occasion of Pink Saturday, the Maastricht version of gay pride, Bureau Europa,
platform for design and architecture, invited music,- and the theatre company Het
Geluid to develop an event that addresses otherness.

The result, Contested Waters, follows physical and historical traces of forms of social conventions
and otherness in the time and space of the city of Maastricht. Personal stories are interwoven with more universal reflections, locating them in areas, neighbourhoods, places that are gone or are becoming, places that signal the uncomfortable or the unshakeable.
Contested Waters looks at how we chose to show our private selves in public space, how bodies relate to each other or are repulsed and how this translates into the organisation of the city, it’s physical construction and its narratives. Where, within these structures, can
we find space for fluidity?