Das Gerausch
Specially for the Sphinxpark, where the industrial past has given way to a form of progress that is not there yet, and where thus a space is created to think about the future, Het Geluid realized the show Das Gerausch - a theatrical reflection on past and present and the interaction between man and technology. 

By combining philosophical considerations with personal experiences, Het Geluid invites the audience to discover how, despite all-encompassing and sometimes frightening systems, humankind is still central. Das Gerausch is a pre-study in the context of the larger Euregional theater project SFEREN by Het Geluid. SFEREN is based on the theory of spheres by philosopher Peter Sloterdijk.

PERFORMANCE Gable Roelofsen and Daniela Bernoulli
DIRECTOR Romy Roelofsen
MUSIC Wagner Wesendonck lieder//Im treibhaus