Dutch Skies
The world in which we find ourselves at the start of the new millennium is littered with the debris of utopian projects. (John Gray)

An international team of six artists from two young interdisciplinary companies Het Geluid (Maastricht) and Moving Theater (New York) create a performance on the occasion of the celebration of 400 years of Dutch‐ American relations. In Dutch Skies, the artists hold both cultures up to the light. They reveal how the horizons of 17th‐century Dutch landscapes predict the Hollywood trope of riding off into the sunset—and how theseiconic images mark our longing for hope.  A longing so deeply ingrained that even in times of bursting bubbles and skies falling, we still find excuses to shout: Yes we can.

Performed and created by Jonathan Drillet, Jacobien Elffers, Brennan Gerard, Ryan Kelly, Gable Roelofsen and Romy Roelofsen