Gedeelde Kamers
[Shared Rooms]

The music theatre play Gedeelde Kamers consists of a tour through living rooms across the Netherlands. Indoors en in cozy circles, hazardous areas are entered, moving boxes and Pandora's boxes are opened, bookcases are browsed through, all levels of some epic computer games are played, and the cake of the hostess gets eaten.

Actress and singer Jacobien Elffers recently worked at both the Veenfabriek and Het Geluid Maastricht. On her initiative, this two music theater companies now work together on a play about different generations and how culture connects us to different times, places, and with each other. Artistic director of the Veenfabriek, Paul Koek, features in the plays. The makers of Het Geluid amassed the theater text with their tried and tested method, namely by interviewing friends and acquaintances of both organizations.

"If I tell you a story, I'll tell you that story, because I have chosen it especially for you, and then I want to share the space and time with you to tell you that story, and then you will be worth telling that story to, so I do not only communicate the story, but also the attention I give to you with that story."

actor/research/vocals Jacobien Elffers percussion/actor/music Paul Koek text/research/director Gable Roelofsen research/director Romy Roelofsen

A production by Het Geluid Maastricht and the Veenfabriek

In co-production with Theater aan het Vrijthof and Castrum Peregrini. Made possible by the Province of LImburg and the Melanie Foundation.

A part of the performances takes place in the context of: MY FRIEND. MY ENCEMY. MY SOCIETY, a manifestation by Castrum Peregrini about the social significance of friendship.