Headphone Oratorium
a modern passion with arias from the Passions of Bach

Soprano Johane Ansell
Organist Henk Linker or Carl Visser
Actor Gable Roelofsen
Text Gable Roelofsen in collaboration with Romy Roelofsen
Director Romy Roelofsen

it was said that such an operation was likely to last all night
until the early morning
the hard benches remind her of her church
she says to have patience, show discipline
but sitting through the Passion is nothing compared to this ordeal.

(fragment theater text)

A performance with fragments from the Passions of Johann Sebastian Bach, a portable organ, a beautiful young soprano from the SingerEnsemble of the Dutch National Touring Opera and a new theater text that addresses contemporary feelings of guilt and suffering. A contemporary passion, based on interviews with parents who have a sick child.

In co-creation with the Dutch National Touring Opera, Het Geluid Maastricht stages the new play Headphone Oratorium in silence and prayer rooms of various hospitals, in April 2014, during the Passiontide. Het Geluid takes Headphone Oratorium on tour through many of the same cities where the Dutch National Touring Opera is performing its version of the St. John Passion. The show is a co-production with Theater aan het Vrijthof and the Dutch National Touring Opera and is made possible with the support of the Province of Limburg.

Headphone Oratirum includes arias and recitatives from the St. Matthew and St. John Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach.