Les Nuits d'été
The performance Les Nuits d'été is a music theatrical fever dream. We meet two young nurses. We hear their reflections on the heavy, often nocturnal work and their daily concerns with love, life and death. With the use of drone images, we experience the life and suffering of their terminally ill patients.
The nurses dwell in an imaginary wellness centre. We encounter them as they have a moment to relax and escape their difficult daily work in the hospital. On a daily basis, they care of their patients with heart and soul. But now is the time to take care of themselves.
They talk about life in the big city, their love affairs, their work. They talk about growing up in this high-tech society. The harsh reality of their daily life is continuously present. Their reflections are - as is the song cycle Les Nuits d'été by Hector Berlioz - about love, life and death: from the innocent side of love to the darkest side of losing someone close to you.

Music: Les nuits d’été (1841)
The song cycle Les nuits d’été contains of six poems of Théophile Gautier, put to music by Hector Berlioz. (arranged by David Matthews)
Soprano: Johane Ansell
Music: the TechTripOrchestra conducted by Peter Bogaert
Performance: Gable Roelofsen, Dichi Wit
Dancers : Jinko Adams, Joey Janssen,  Paula Niehoff
Voice: Hugo Koolschijn
Extra's: Puck Kooij, Ton de Vries
Voice coach: Kirsten Schötteldreier
Directed by: Het Geluid Maastricht
Dramaturge: Lieke van Hoogenhuyze 
Dance Assistent: Lin Adams
Set design: Davy van Gerven
Video design: Judith Hofland
Sound design: Salvador Breed
In collaboration with: Dutch Drone Team


30 november: 20.30 uur
1 december: 20.30 uur

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