Life Is Too Good To
Be True
Premiere: mei 2010
Winner of the Dioraphte Amsterdam Fringe Award 2010, performed in Prague and South Africa.

‘Truth is one thing, fact another thing and just because it is fiction it doesn’t make it a lie.’
P.L. Travers

In Life is too good to be true, we look into the concept of truth in our contemporary pop society. What appears to be a portrait of the infamous lying American journalist Stephen Glass, turns out to be a tour around a group therapy session, several pink ribbons, a little bit of Lady Gaga, lots of scary dogs and a nightmare in a cinema. A tour around all the little lies we tell ourselves every day again. 

Audience reactions and reviews
Amsterdam Fringe judge Tony Lancaster (director of Grahamstown National Arts Festival South Africa): “Life is too good to be true is an intriguing image of a current day youngster in a quarter life crisis. To be real or not to be real, that is the question. It shows promising acting and a very smooth flow from one extreme character to another.”