In Malta, Het Geluid continues its constant quest to catch the contemporary in theatre. On the basis of the busy tumultuous life of a young architect and her task to design a refugee center, we get an idea of the paradoxical way we deal with freedom today. A performance with a sound scape, on a special location with a new script that was created from the voices of the many people Het Geluid Maastricht encountered on their path. In search of meaningful sound in a noisy world.

Performed by Romy Roelofsen
Written and directed by Gable Roelofsen
Design by Davy van Gerven
Dramaturgy by
Lieke van Hoogenhuyze
Artistic advice Daniela Bernoulli

20 Apr 20.30 (try-out)
21 Apr 20:30 (première)
22 Apr 14:00
23 Apr 20:30
24 Apr 20:30

During Maastricht Toneelstadfestival at NAIM/Bureau Europa. Avenue Ceramique 226
2 Mai 20.30 at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Cultureel Studentencentrum Usva 
5 Mai 15.00 at Warenhuis Vanderveen, Koopmansplein 16, Assen
12/13 May 20.00 at Castrum Peregrini, Herengracht 401, Amsterdam